Economically disadvantaged communities throughout Chicago have neither the resource to support a sixty-player orchestra nor the venue to house such a concert. However, the positive effects of classical music are especially important for less-advantaged youth.

To address this inequity, The Imagination Symphony offers a Community Access Program (CAP). Partnering with local community centers in economically disadvantaged communities, we offer reduced-price tickets and free transportation to and from concert venues for all outreach participants. At least one hundred individuals will attend each concert through the Community Access Program during the 2004 concert season. Two out of every four Mentoring-through-Music-Lesson winners (see description off home page) will be Community Access participants.

CAP will target communities that have had the greatest impediments to classical music exposure and education, emphasizing the participation of diverse racial and ethnic communities.

The Union League Boys and Girls Clubs will attend our October 19th concert, The Little Wizard via our Community Access Program. Fifty ‘at-risk’ boys and girls will experience a thrilling introduction to classical music thanks to this program. Learn more about The Union League Boys and Girls Clubs.