Mentoring Through Music

In each show, we find a way to introduce children to individual instrument sounds as we develop the story. In doing so, we hope to inspire a desire to pursue music lessons during childhood, which significantly enhances many of the benefits offered by classical music. At every concert, we offer an opportunity for children to meet and ask questions of the musicians after the performance by inviting children on stage at the completion of the concert, where musicians are prepared to interact with kids and answer any questions they have. Participating musicians generously donate their time for these after-concert affairs.

Our newest program, currently underdevelopment for our spring 2004 concert series is an extended mentoring program called the Musical Mentors program. Four children at each concert win five free individual music lessons. Six concerts are scheduled for 2004. That means twenty-four children will begin their musical education through The Imagination Symphony. This program is dependant upon funding for 2004.