History of The Imagination Symphony

Six years ago, Vic Muenzer, founder of The Imagination Symphony, theorized that visual stimuli help children engage with classical music. He applied this theory to children’s classical music concerts while working as Assistant Conductor of the Park Ridge Civic Orchestra. Under his guidance attendance at chilren’s programs more than doubled in five years. When audience members requested concerts in other Chicago communities, Mr. Muenzer first appealed to The Park Ridge Civic Orchestra to present these programs throughout Chicago, only to discover that they can not regularly perform outside Park Ridge.

With the blessing of The Park Ridge Civic Orchestra, Mr. Muenzer created a new non-profit organization to bring these live, interactive classical music programs beyond the confines of Park Rige to diverse audiences all across Chicago. Partnering with nine other music-lovers in 2001, Mr. Muenzer created The Imagination Symphony.

Generous support from the NIB Foundation is underwriting our first independent program on October 19th, 2003 at The Athenaeum Theatre, entitled “The Little Wizard.”

Board Members

Paul Wiggin

Victor Muenzer
Artistic Director

Christopher King
Vice President and Secretary

Melanie Buchanan
Executive Director

Christopher King, VP and Secretary
Richard Shieler , Marketing
Lois Price, Production
Jim Deloye

Marc Silverstein
Nancy Frank Thomas

Advisory Board

Mary Ellen McGarry