Why Kids Love Our Concerts

The Imagination Symphony is designed especially for children. Kids are encouraged to march in the aisles or munch popcorn. Our goal is simple - to inspire love for classical music. Our approach is more challenging – create programs that are so exciting that children keep coming back for more.
Young children experience a great deal through visual stimuli. You and I listen to music and experience it entirely through auditory sense, but that is a tall order for children under age eight.

The Imagination Symphony draws its inspiration from children’s visual preference. In our concerts, classical music is a multi-sensory experience. As sixty musicians present classical music in its most powerful form, children watch actors in a kid-centered story that guides the audience through several excerpts of classical music. Children participate in the production both on stage and in their seats. Theatre, costuming, professional lighting and video displays all contribute to the experience.

This year we’ve created a partnership with the Apple Tree Theatre, a professional theatre group from Highland Park with extensive experience in children’s theatre. Under the guidance of Apple Tree Theatre, our stage presence will be as powerful as the music we present. Learn more about Apple Tree’s Youth Theatre as well as their adult programs at www.appletreetheatre.com.

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